Our brand had been established In 2016, PUDORE has launched PUDORE FRAGRANCE with a first ever perfume; LAURA, LAUREEN, and LAURENCE; Eau de Parfum 30ml. Pudore Fragrance aim is to make an alluring and luxury fragrance which are affordable and accessible to all. We provide a new perfume by PUDORE FRAGRANCE which inspired by the name of PUDORE Abaya.

We present LAURA, LAUREEN, and LAURENCE™ which coming with an exclusive bottle with ribbon and high quality of parfum. These perfume carry out a three different character which is Adorable (LAURA), Sophisticated (LAUREEN) and Mysterious (LAURENCE). All fragrance are available for you to browse online at your leisure and our selective agents distributors. Don’t forget our fabulous selections In-store too!

We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service to our customers. Whether you choose to shop in one of our stores, online or over the phone of our friendly team are on hand to help you finding the perfect fragrance a pleasurable experience for all. Pay no attention to how a fragrance smells in the bottle, or on someone else, there are very specific factors that make our individual body chemistry as unique to us as a fingerprint! We have learned, over the years, how to decipher this fragrance code on your skin.

Our perfumes offers a high quality of flowers scent in a single bottle of a floral perfume, whereas the national brands try to produce scents chemically with a synthetic base in the lab. The advantage of using a high quality fragrance is that it will not deviate from its original composition, and you will spare the people in your direct company from being submerged by your scent.

We invite you into our boutique and also with our sales agents to explore and experience adorable scent in a distinct manner.